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Tin-Solder Tin Wire-Wanlutong Metal Group

  WanLuTong Metal was officially registered and established in 2009, headquartered in Qingdao, China. It has been intensive cultivation for more than ten years. After accumulating a large number of practical experience and talent reserves, its direct operation platform was put into operation in May 2013 and officially launched in November of the same year. As a non-ferrous metal direct marketing network platform with 10 years of non-ferrous metal cross-border trade background, the project has been favored by well-known angel investment institutions and investors at home and abroad since its inception. The first round of financing is about to break through two billion US dollars.
  Business scope: Internet + collectivize direct sale of nonferrous metals. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating smelting, spectral analysis, casting, extrusion, stretching, processing and eddy current testing of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, tin, lead and cadmium. Enterprises strictly in accordance with international standards to produce copper, aluminum products and copper alloys, tin bronze, phosphorus bronze, lead bronze, aluminum bronze, silicon bronze, manganese bronze, beryllium bronze, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, nickel alloy, tin alloy, titanium alloy, zinc alloy, molybdenum alloy, zirconium alloy and other materials such as plate, coil, foil, strip, bar, tube, ingot, profiles.

  Tin is a low melting point metallic element with a silver-white luster. Its melting point is only 232 C. Therefore, it can be melted like mercury with a candle flame. It will not be oxidized by air, mainly in the form of dioxide and various sulfides. The element symbol Sn.
  Tin is a famous "hardware" - one of gold, silver, copper, iron and tin. Tin is the fourth rare metal in platinum, gold, and silver. It is harmless to the human body and is called green metal. China has a long history of application of tinware.
Tin can also be made into tin tube and foil, which can be used in food industry to ensure clean and non-toxic. Such as tin foil for candy and cigarettes, it is moisture-proof and beautiful.
  The Solder tin wire is composed of tin alloy and auxiliary agent. The alloy composition is divided into tin-lead and lead-free additive and evenly poured into the middle part of the tin alloy.
  The characteristic of the Solder tin wire is a tin alloy wire having a certain length and diameter, which can be used in combination with an electric soldering iron or a laser in the soldering of the electronic original device.

  Different types of Solder tin wire additives are different. The auxiliary part is to improve the auxiliary heat conduction of the Solder tin wire during the welding process, remove the oxidation, reduce the surface tension of the material to be welded, remove the oil stain on the surface of the welded material, and increase the welding area.
  The composition of Solder tin wire is closely related to the quality of Solder tin wire, which will affect the chemical and mechanical properties and physical properties of Solder tin wire. The following is the classification of Solder tin wires:

  1. According to metal alloy materials, it can be divided into tin-lead alloy solder wire, pure tin solder wire, tin-copper alloy solder wire, tin-silver-copper alloy solder wire, tin-bismuth alloy solder wire, tin-nickel alloy solder wire and special tin alloy material solder wire.
  2. According to the chemical composition of solder flux, it can be divided into rosin-cored solder wire, non-cleaning solder wire, solid-cored solder wire, resin-type solder wire, single-core solder wire, three-core solder wire, water-soluble solder wire, aluminum solder wire and stainless steel solder wire.
  3. According to the melting temperature, it can be divided into low temperature soldering wire, normal temperature soldering wire and high temperature soldering wire.

  The function of Solder tin wire: generally used in welding electronic components. The Solder tin wire used in manual electronic components welding is composed of tin alloy and additives. In electronic welding, the Solder tin wire cooperates with electric soldering iron. High-quality electric soldering iron provides stable and sustained melting heat. The Solder tin wire is filled with metal to the surface and gap of electronic components to fix electrons. The original device becomes the main component of welding, such as the welding of capacitance, IC, resistance and other components of circuit board. Some special Solder tin wires can also weld stainless steel.

  WanLuTong Metal Group has a large production base. It adopts international advanced testing equipment such as German imported direct reading spectrometer, Japanese universal pull testing machine, Brinell digital hardness tester and Swiss imported eddy current flaw detector to strictly control the material quality, hardness and various mechanical properties of products.
  Stainless steel tin wire, lead-free soldering wire, solid soldering wire, aluminum soldering wire, lead soldering wire, clean-free soldering wire, 63 37 soldering wire, tin-silver soldering wire, LED soldering wire, aviation soldering wire, mobile phone special solder wire, hardware soldering wire, crafts soldering wire, automatic soldering wire and other products produced in strict accordance with international standards have been passed. Internet + collectivize nonferrous metals direct online to the world.

  WanLuTong Metal provides customers with fast and high-quality service and one-stop logistics service through off-line negotiation or on-line direct negotiation of signature, production and logistics. It integrates the fragmentation module of non-ferrous metal industry, forms a strong joint ownership structure to reform the business development of production, supply and marketing, and also reduces the cost of users. Through the integration of online marketing, logistics and so on, it also makes transportation more easy, convenient and high quality.